What is a Target Market? This is Understanding and How to Determine It!

The target market is a group of people who are the target sales of your product. Generally, the target market will have the same characteristics in terms of habits, demographics, and others.

In other words, the target market is the potential buyers who must get information and promotions related to your product. So, they want to buy your product.

A good product marketing strategy is to start by determining a potential target market. That way, you can apply an effective strategy to offer the products you sell. We will explain it in the section on target market strategy.

Target Market

To be able to market your product well, you need the right data and methods. Knowing your target market can help you to sell your product successfully.

Then, what is really important to know the target market for your product?

Target Market Benefits

In general, target market aims to ensure that your marketing is right on target. This is important to increase sales as well as measure the level of success.

Some of the benefits of recognizing your target market are as follows:

1. Increase Sales

Focusing on your target market allows you to build your product faster and market it ahead of your competitors. As a result, your product sales will increase.

In addition, you will find it easier to develop products. All the data you have from your target market will help in determining the products that customers like.

Not only that, your ability to meet customer needs well will encourage customer loyalty. Remember, 65% of a company’s profits come from loyal customers.

If this is applied to every product, it will certainly give better results.

2. Knowing the Required Budget

The marketing activities that you do will cost money. If you don’t define a target marketing strategy first, you will try to target everyone. That is, the budget you need will be very large this way.

Even if you end up with a lot of sales, your profits will be relatively small due to the high marketing costs.

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3. Anticipate Competition Well

Every business model will experience competition, except for very specific models.

If your business has competitors, don’t worry too much. Your ability to anticipate competition will give you an advantage.

The key is knowing your target market and seeing what competitors are offering in that market. Then, create the advantages of your product that competitors have not been able to offer.

In essence, knowing your target market can help you “stand out” from competitors. That’s what a company like Nike does with its various products.

Cleverly Choose the Target Market, This Coworking Gets Hundreds of Loyal Customers

4. Ease of Preparing Promotional Content

A successful marketing is influenced by the advertising content used. The more in line with the target market, the more attention it will attract. Thus, the potential for product sales can be boosted to the maximum.

Your target market will determine whether the promotion will be done through print media such as newspapers or magazines? Or digital marketing like video marketing? This requires data-driven judgment, i.e. your target audience.

5. Build Communication with Customers

By knowing your target market, it will be easier for you to communicate with your customers. The goal is to understand customer needs.

The communication you do can be by means of surveys or other methods. Because you already know your target market, you know who you deserve to involve in these activities. The information obtained will be very precise. This is important to determine the new product that you will create.

Of course, the product users need would be easier to sell, right?

6. Opening Investment for Small and Medium Enterprises

Investment is one of the most effective ways to develop a business, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

If you want someone else to invest in your business, show that the business is well planned. One way is to show a clear vision and mission, including understanding the target market you want to reach.

Thus, investors will be more confident to cooperate in developing your business.