Thinking of using custom instax film to offer discounts?

People love discounts. However, that doesn’t mean they always take advantage of them. Remember, in order to take advantage of a discount, people still have to buy something and spend money. This is where custom instax film can be used to motivate people to continue shopping at your business. To achieve this, the photograph has to capture a fun event, something unique and special. When people look at the photo again and see the discount, they will be more motivated to buy something. In this case, you are using the instant photo frame to bring back a positive memory about your business that will create a desire to buy. If you add a discount, the effect is much greater, which means more sales for your company.

Create memories your customers want to remember

For all of this to work, people need to have a good time at your business. Moreover, when it’s time to have their picture taken, you have to capture a happy event. The idea of using a custom instax film is to make your customers remember what a great time they had at your business. A good way to do this is to create a special space to take the picture or use some kind of fun prop to complement the photos. Don’t try to force things. There will be customers who won’t want to take an instant photo frame home. In fact, you should place an advertisement in your business where you offer it to those customers who want it. It is not advisable to go around asking customers.

What else can you offer with the instant photo frame?

You may not like the idea of offering a discount. In fact, if you only offer discounts, you will bore your customers. Ideally, you should offer other types of elements: Free drinks? Free extras? What you offer with custom instax film will depend on your type of business. What is important is that everything you offer is planned. The idea is to vary throughout the year to keep your customers interested. Otherwise, there will come a time when no one will want an instant photo frame because it just doesn’t appeal to them anymore. Take your time and try to find ideas on the Internet. Create a strategy in which you include social media posts. This way you will make this promotion known to many people.