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The Incredible Power of Humor in Social Media Marketing

Finding a good location, developing a competitive product, generating good marketing content and finding flexible business funding (like a merchant cash advance) are just a few of the many things on an entrepreneurs’ mind. But have you thought about the importance and power of humor? That’s right, humor.

“I have to breakup with you. We’ve connected on so many platforms-Facebook and Twitter-but I just don’t feel Linkedin.” – Derek Kessinger

The goal of social media marketing is to engage consumers, reach out to them and show them your business’ personality and passion. One of the most effective ways to reach your market is to evoke emotion. What better way to do so than to use humor.

People love to laugh. It allows them to forget their everyday routine and stress for a few minutes and relax. In social media, funny content and videos have a stronger change of being reshared. So, if you enjoy a good joke and entertaining, your business’ social media is in luck. Besides boosting the number of shares, humor can help your social media in several different ways:

  1. Humor Triggers a Positive Response

In addition to relieving stress, laughter relaxes the body, boosts the immune system and releases endorphins. Humor triggers positive emotional and psychological responses. Adding jokes to your social media will ensure your customers associate good feelings with your brand.

  1. Humor Makes Your Brand More Memorable

Research by psychologists in the 1930s revealed how people recollect life events, either pleasant or unpleasant. When participants were asked to recall those memories, the outcome was as follows: 60 percent of negative experiences faded from memory, while just 42 percent of positive experiences were forgotten. By injecting humor into your social media, you increase the likelihood that your visitors and customers will remember your brand.

  1. Humor Reveals Audience Insights

Because humor typically engages people more, it provides the opportunity for you to gain valuable audience insights. It will reveal their values and their desires. You can then take this information, reassess and build even strong social media marketing campaigns.

So, the next time you are creating a social media post, consider adding in a humorous hashtag or a funny comment. Laughter brings people together. In this case, it can make people feel closer to your brand and your vision.

Author Bio: Business Funding expert, Nathan Hale, founded First American Merchant with his eyes set on helping small business owners. His passions include writing/producing music, and travel. First American Merchant is America’s Best merchant cash advance company, serving both traditional and high-risk Businesses.