Effective Tips to Reduce Emotions After Being Scolded by the Boss

 Instinctively anyone will not want to get angry with the boss, even though they have done something wrong. Especially if the boss is angry in front of other co-workers while yelling and saying harshly.At that time there is an ego in the heart that is hurt and feels humiliated which makes negative emotions very easily ignited. It is true it feels very chaotic, but ignited emotions when scolded by the boss can end in disaster for your career.It’s good to learn to reduce emotions after being scolded by the boss little by little, although it’s not easy indeed. Check out the following effective tips so that emotions are more controlled.

1. Calm Yourself

Sometimes the anger that is shown by the boss makes a feeling of being carried away by emotion. Try to reduce the emotions after being scolded by the boss to calm down for a while. Take a deep and deep breath and exhale slowly. Do it over and over until it is completely calm. Keep in mind that in every job there must be problems that need to be faced, including getting angry with the boss. So there is no need to overreact, like getting angry yourself or looking sad to demotivate. Be calm and ordinary.

2. Understand the Root of the Problem

There will be no smoke if there is no fire, so don’t rush into emotions when you are scolded by the boss. Boss’s anger must have a cause. Instead of following emotions when the boss is angry, it’s better to pay attention to what the boss says when angry. If necessary note the important points that cause anger. Even though the cause is unclear, don’t ever consider his anger as the personal sentiment. Because it can burden your mind and mind which can adversely affect performance. When it is proven that your performance is not satisfactory, then accept it gracefully and try to improve it. Use the boss’s anger as a spirit coward to work better. Not just so scary specters that worsen the situation.

3. Share stories with people you can trust

Being hit by a boss can indeed make the mood change abysmally, and vent with a colleague can sometimes be a solution to reduce emotions after being scolded by the boss. But pay attention to who you are pouring out your heart and complaint about. Do not let you choose friends who talk and like to complain that is not, because this is tantamount to triggering a new problem. Always remember not to dramatize the problem if you don’t want the problem to widen. It is better not to choose friends from the office if you want to talk about the boss.

4. Perform Performance Improvements

The boss will always remember if his subordinates make the slightest mistake because everything is in his memory. So do not underestimate the anger of the boss if your performance is not satisfactory. Correct immediately the bad notes from the boss, if you still want your career to shine. Ranging from discipline to work to work according to the direction and deadlines. The point is to increase your performance and productivity while working. This can make your bad record in the eyes of the boss a little less.

5. Be More Sportive

Emotions when being scolded by the boss is a normal thing, everyone must have experienced it. And although it’s not easy to reduce emotions after being scolded by the boss after what was thrown. However, try to be sporty and not be childish to strike talk in front of the boss. Keep showing good performance according to your job and keep communicating well. In other words, keep professionalism at work. Do not let it look like it looks like looking face.

6. Switch Emotions

Emphasizing emotions after being scolded by the boss is sometimes not easy, but that does not mean it can not be done. Try to divert emotions to other things that are more fun and can momentarily release the burden while returning to a chaotic mood. Try to invite coworkers to go to a favorite restaurant at lunchtime while looking for fresh air so that the feeling is not too depressed. Order your favorite food or drink, enjoy every moment, and don’t talk about work problems. Let the mind relax for a moment. There are certain foods or drinks that can be an effective way to reduce stress and stress after getting angry with the boss. For example, dark chocolate, yogurt, coffee or other foods that have a sweet taste. But do not overdo it, might scale numbers up you know if you can not control yourself.

7. Forget Immediately

Sometimes forgetting your hurt is important so you don’t become a vengeful person. Likewise, when hit by anger boss, do not take it too deep so that you feel hurt. Come on, this is just a matter of work, not a personal matter. So don’t take it too deep to the heart. Learn to forget about problems and start to improve performance, if, in fact, you are wrong. But if the problem is with the boss who really likes to be angry and arbitrary, then try to be calm and don’t confront. Continue to show a professional attitude as an employee.


Being an employee or worker is indeed a lot of challenges and obstacles that must be faced to survive in the career world. Included also must be able and able to reduce emotions after being scolded by the boss. Because behind the boss’s anger, there must be a message to be conveyed, of course, so that you are getting better. To manage your emotions so that you can be more sensitive in understanding implied messages. It may be useful!