Choosing the Right Telephone System for Your Business

A successful business requires communication. You may have begun in a home office using only your cell phone, but you probably grew past that quickly. Once you established a storefront or office outside the home, you needed a business phone system. If you haven’t already acquired one, you need a telephone systems sales expert to help find the right system and install it for you.

Business Phone System

Just installing a regular telephone like the landlines that once pervaded most homes, won’t work. You need a business phone system. These systems of telephone lines provide a network of interconnected handsets capable of call routing, customer service call center operations and conference calling.
Some features of business phone systems also appear on residential land lines. Other features only come on a business telephone system. Some common features include:

  • multiple lines that let you maintain separate conversations with multiple parties at once,
  • voicemail that allow callers to leave a message and you or anyone with the retrieval code to hear the messages,
  • automated attendants that answer the phone when no human respondent is available,
  • phone trees that direct callers to the right extension with the push of a few buttons on the part of the caller,
  • conference calling so you can hold meetings via the phone with three or more participants,
  • automated music or messages that let callers know they remain on-hold.

Types of Phone Systems

You have choices when it comes to business phone systems. While you were once limited to a PBX system, the choices now also include cloud-based systems, multi-line and VoIP. These each vary in cost, but each can replicate the services and features of the other. Your choice of system depends on your needs and comfort level with technology.