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Cara Menyingkirkan Kulit Kepala yang Kering

Setiap orang mengalami masalah karena kulit kepala kering yang sangat mengganggu di beberapa titik, namun tanpa perawatan, ini bisa menjadi masalah kronis yang menyebabkan gatal dan ketombe.
Daftar solusi dan solusi berikut ini mungkin yang Anda butuhkan untuk mengembalikan kelembapan dan mendapatkan rambut yang sehat dan lebat.

Pijat Kulit Kepala

Mungkin perawatan yang paling efektif dan termudah untuk kulit kepala kering adalah pijat kulit kepala. Anda dapat melakukan pijatan lembut pada diri sendiri dengan hanya menggosok ujung jari Anda dengan gerakan melingkar lembut di kulit kepala Anda saat keramas atau mengoleskan minyak.

Pijat kulit kepala dapat merangsang produksi minyak alami dan meningkatkan aliran darah ke folikel rambut, yang berarti mereka menerima lebih banyak nutrisi dan pertumbuhan rambut dipromosikan.

Menggunakan minyak suam-suam kuku selama pijatan tidak hanya bisa menjadi terapi, tetapi juga dapat berfungsi sebagai agen anti-inflamasi, anti-jamur dan anti-bakteri alami yang dapat mengatasi rasa gatal dan menenangkan kulit kepala.

Perawatan Pendingin

Kadang-kadang ketika kulit kepala tidak menghasilkan sebum minyak alami yang cukup, itu dapat menyebabkan rambut tampak kusam dan kulit kepala terasa gatal dan menjadi bersisik. Dengan memberi nutrisi pada kulit kepala dengan perawatan kulit kepala, Anda dapat langsung menenangkan dan memperbaiki penyebab utama kekeringan dan gatal.

Perawatan kulit kepala …

The Incredible Power of Humor in Social Media Marketing

Finding a good location, developing a competitive product, generating good marketing content and finding flexible business funding (like a merchant cash advance) are just a few of the many things on an entrepreneurs’ mind. But have you thought about the importance and power of humor? That’s right, humor.

“I have to breakup with you. We’ve connected on so many platforms-Facebook and Twitter-but I just don’t feel Linkedin.” – Derek Kessinger

The goal of social media marketing is to engage consumers, reach out to them and show them your business’ personality and passion. One of the most effective ways to reach your market is to evoke emotion. What better way to do so than to use humor.

People love to laugh. It allows them to forget their everyday routine and stress for a few minutes and relax. In social media, funny content and videos have a stronger change of being reshared. So, if you enjoy a good joke and entertaining, your business’ social media is in luck. Besides boosting the number of shares, humor can help your social media in several different ways:

  1. Humor Triggers a Positive Response

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How Apps Are Being Used To Curb Screen Addiction

Far too many people, particularly young adults and children, are spending too much time on screens and not engaging with the world around them. We’re currently in an era where children especially will spend hours sitting in front of a screen consuming content, usually videos and games, and this is having huge impacts on development and social skills.

As technology becomes more integral to everything we do, creating the line and balance between screen time and the real world is vital. Technology should be used to improve life, not distract from it and tech giants are becoming more committed to giving everyone the tools they need to develop a sense of digital wellbeing. Life, rather than the technology in it, should remain front and centre.

Whilst it might sound counter-intuitive, Google has recently developed three new apps – Envelope, Screen Stopwatch and Activity Bubbles – which have been designed to reduce screen time. Google’s Digital Wellbeing initiative was launched a few years ago in an attempt to get phone users to take notice as to how often they are on their devices. Although this is slightly ironic coming from perhaps the largest tech company in the world, it is interesting …